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Montreal commercial photographer Riccardo Cellere creates stunning food, product, portrait, and advertising/editorial/corporate photography. Combining creativity, technical wizardry, lighting expertise, aesthetic judgment and an impeccable sense of timing, Riccardo delivers the results his valued clients are looking for. With a strong background in graphic design, he understands the fundamentals of design and knows design software in and out. He’s especially skilled at creating convincing composite images.

As a professional photographer, Riccardo is dedicated to top-notch service and offering you total peace of mind. This means responding to your questions quickly, staying on top of key details, and always showing up on time. It also means delivering added value through advice and expert guidance when you need it. Riccardo doesn’t phone it in – he immerses himself in each project and considers himself a member of your team. Working with Riccardo also means rapid delivery of your images through his user-friendly website.

Riccardo was born in Montreal and speaks English, French and Italian. Apart from making photographs, Riccardo is fond of drawing, film, making homemade pasta, playing hockey and road-tripping with his wife and son. His surname is pronounced “TCHELL-e-reh”.

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